Navigating the site

We like this theme for its clean and fresh approach that offers a contemporary magazine style platform with interesting typography.  It may look a little different to some other wordpress sites you might have used, (or you may be new to wordpress sites) so here are some navigation tips for those who have not already worked it out.

The front page, the one you land on, is a dynamic posting page and you can see the post thumbnails laid out in an attractive manner.  On a wide screen these will be in three columns, on smaller ones, two.  The theme also adapts itself to mobile devices, but then gives you options to view the full site. On an i-pad hold the device in landscape mode.  In portrait, the menu bar will disappear and become a grey drop-down icon in the top left of your screen.

Click on a post to ‘read more’, this will also display widgets in the sidebar.  You can navigate from these using the various menus.  Recent comments and twitter feeds can be viewed in the sidebar.  There is also a widget to link you to sites of people and organisations we think are interesting.  The archive widget in the sidebar lets you view posts for a particular month.  The widget sidebar is not available on an i-pad in portrait mode but will appear in landscape.

To return to the front page, click on the title bar, or the ‘Front page’ hover icon in the thin column, top right hand of the screen.  There is also a Twitter icon in this column so that you can instantly tweet how brilliant you thought the site was!! (These icons appear on the top right of your screen on a tablet in portrait mode).

In a post page view, you will also see lower down the thin column on the right hand side, a grid icon, clicking this will return you to the front page.  Underneath this icon are small arrows that let you see the preceding, or the next post in the magazine.

The posts are categorised, so the menu bar at the top collects together all the posts under that category.  The menu bar also contains an ‘About’ tag to take you that particular page.

Any link you can follow in the posts will be in grey text, so click to follow the link.  Live links in the sidebar widgets are in black text and will turn yellow when hovered over.

The static pages that provide more background information about us are: About, biographies, contributors, navigating the site (the page you are currently on).  A menu for these pages lies in the black footer bar.  You can also navigate to them from the sidebar in any post.  An ‘About’ hover icon can be found in the thin column, top right hand of the screen.

Enjoy browsing the site and let us have your comments;  a comments box is available at the bottom of a post.