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P1020157Beyond comments on the posts, we would welcome regular contributions from a wide range of people.  If you have enjoyed reading the magazine and listening to the podcasts, then why not contribute?  Write a piece of appropriate blog length, or join us for a podcast, which we record via a Skype conversation.

The theme of the post could be anything to do with learning, formal or informal, and education policy that  helps us to to create a richer picture of learning.  Our underlying outlook is that learning can contribute to a fairer, more just society, but innovation and critique are required to stop us endlessly repeating ‘stuff’ that is patently not working.  Matthew and Stephen reserve the right to edit or reject pieces, but we are pretty open-minded and will give you feedback.

Send your post by e-mail to myself at:,

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or e-mail us if you want to consider joining in on a podcast.

Look forward to hearing from you.