Review: “Education Policy Research”

“Education Policy Research: Design and Practice At a Time of rapid Reform”

Foreward by Michael Apple, edited by Helen Gunter, David Hall & Collin Mills, Published by Bloomsbury, 2014

I contributed a chapter (Chapter 11: Virtue and Ethics in Education Policy research: The case of ‘Personalized Learning’ and ‘Voice’) so really had to have a bark at this book.  A brilliant review has just appeared in The British Journal of Educational Studies that concluded with the following paragraph:

“This book represents a worthy endeavour in presenting the research interests of a range of practitioners and theorists. It is valuable not only for the insight it gives into the research journey of the 11 authors whose research is presented here, but it also offers concrete and research informed evidence of the changing educational landscape and the impact of policy iterations on the professional lives of those who work in the field of education. It should be a text that graces all university library shelves and one identified as compulsory reading for all Ph.D. and Ed Doctoral students as they plan their research design. I would also go so far as to say that it sets the standard for high-quality student research. Gunter and her fellow editors have produced a book that clearly delineates the quality and rigour that all universities should expect from doctoral-level research. They have set the standard to which all researchers should aspire when they start on their doctoral journey”.

Bones all round then!  The full review can be downloaded here BJES review

Stephen Rogers


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