This site is dedicated to exploring what it means to learn, and to use learning and education to help create a socially just society.   Continually learning together should be an opportunity to make the world a better place in which to live.  The site is a forum and magazine to explore practices, ideas and the people that we believe are doing this.

It will be an eclectic mix of  short posts (treats), longer pieces to chew on (bones), reviews and podcasts that we hope will inspire, challenge, guide and inform the reader – to bring ‘complex hope’ (Gerald Grace) to a seemingly dysfunctional world.

Learning can be fun, joyous, liberating; BUT learning can also be tough and messy, complex and simple, open-ended or complete.  Learning can be the stuff of rich human narratives, but we all need a little help along the way: Each and every dog can learn new tricks – and have their day.